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,I expect the level of utility testing for grid-connected storage systems to grow rapidly over the next couple of years in spite of the recession.These demonstration projects will likely generate something north of a hundred million in revenue for a handful of companies including Beacon Power (BCON), Altair, Axion Power (NASDAQ:AXPW), ZBB Energy (NYSEMKT:ZBB) and A123 Systems (IPO pending).While that number is objectively large, I would be surprised if any company received enough revenue from utility demonstration projects to pay their corporate overhead and generate an operating profit.Companies like Axion, ZBB and A123 that can rely on product sales in non-utility markets have a good opportunity to minimize their losses while continuing the development of grid-based storage solutions.
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,My third baby is a pacifier baby.While I am happy that the crying during awake hours is minimized by the pacifier, we are struggling overnight.She cries if the pacifier falls out of her mouth.I wait a moment before I put it back in, hoping she'll just get back to sleep.She doesn't.If I let her cry too long, she wakes up her siblings.Baby is still in our room in a bassinet, as I spend most of the night rooting around for the pacifier.Mom's exhausted and Dad sleeps right on thru it.02/27/2012I realize this was posted a long time ago, but I figured I answer so that when other moms search the topic, this might help.
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